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Revolutionizing Outbound Campaigns: The Solution to SPAM Tagging

Updated: Apr 4


With outbound campaigns, the scourge of SPAM tagging poses a significant hurdle, undermining contact rates, wasting resources, and jeopardizing campaign effectiveness. Let's explore solutions to combat these challenges and how to eliminate SPAM tagging, enhance contact rates, reduce operational costs, and revolutionize outbound campaigns.

Addressing Critical Challenges

Critical issues that plague outbound campaigns include carriers blocking calls due to high spam scores, ineffective spam-tagged calls, wasted telecom expenses, cumbersome vendor management, potential legal repercussions from human errors, and compliance verification for lead opt-in statuses. By having a service that seamlessly integrates with the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) layer, you can streamline campaign management, boost contact rates, ensure the right party contact, and skyrocket conversion rates.

Innovative Features in the Market

  1. Call Branding: Call Branding across all mobile carriers at a campaign record level enhances brand visibility and credibility.

  2. CallerID Pools: Real-time provisioned numbers with geographically correct area codes ensure better engagement. Customers can enable SMS auto-response, dramatically increasing contact rates and conversions while adhering to TCPA guidelines.

  3. Spam Guarding: Autonomously monitor the status of outbound numbers across carriers and third-party sources. If any numbers risk SPAM tagging, replace them with compliant and registered DIDs, ensuring campaign integrity. The existing number remains active to receive callbacks or SMS responses.

Cost Reduction Through Efficiency

Proactive spam guarding, monitoring, and replacing potentially flagged numbers reduces the risk of legal repercussions and operational disruptions. Eliminating wasted telecom expenses and increasing contact rates enables organizations to streamline operations and optimize resources, ultimately reducing operational costs associated with outbound campaigns.


Innovative features and seamless integration offer a transformative solution to SPAM tagging in outbound campaigns. By addressing critical challenges, enhancing contact rates, and reducing operational costs, they empower organizations to maximize campaign effectiveness and achieve superior results.

We help organizations save time and money and speed up the vendor selection process with accuracy and convenience. NuResolution Technology Group is a CX Technology Advisor, making it simple for organizations to find, select, acquire, and enhance CX Technologies and Solutions.

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